For 30 years, Varley Transport has provided transportation of a variety of bulk commodities across Western Australia.


Offering a diverse range of services, we can cater to many types of haulage requirements, including:

Bulk Tipper
Fertiliser l Lime l Grain l Hi-Cal


We specialise in all areas of bulk tipper cartage no matter how large or small the task may be, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Transport packages covering our clients complete transport requirements
  • Harvest Cartage
  • Farm direct to end user
  • Grain - Depot to Depot transfers
  • Grain - Depot to end user movements
  • Seed Cleaner requirements and transfers
  • Fertiliser - Depot to Farm and Depot to Depot deliveries
  • Lime - Cartage and competitive supply & cart options
  • Hi-Cal

For more information about our bulk tipper services, please contact us.


Bulk Tanker
Liquid Fertiliser l Ad-Blue


Varley Transport operates stainless tankers capable of carting liquid fertiliser, Ad-Blue and other corrosive materials

statewide. Combinations are available to deliver IBC units along with multiple trailer combinations for larger loads.


Sheep l Cattle


Varley Transport utilise state of the art convertible trailers, built to industry standards. Our crates can be used in a multitude of configurations for transporting sheep and cattle. Working direct with farmers, stock agents and livestock buyers, we are able to service farm to farm deliveries as well as farm to market and market to farm deliveries.


General Freight
Chemical l Miscellaneous Goods


Able to deliver various chemicals and general freight across WA. We are licensed for the transportation of dangerous goods and comply with all chain of responsibility requirements.


Side Tippers
Road Construction l Lime l Gypsum l Aggregates

Providing contracted cartage throughout Western Australia, with experience carting a variety of products including; limestone, rock, sand, gravel, and rail ballast. These tippers are mine site accredited and include hydraulic lids to ensure employees remain within the safety of their cab at all times.


Drop Deck
Hay l Wool l Machinery

Drop deck trailers available for the transportation of hay, wool and heavy machinery across Western Australia. Multiple combinations are available to compliment the job and maximise payload.




Please contact us today to find out how we can best service your transport requirements.